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Fusion Performing Arts Alliance 501c3 - #82-3037745

Who we serve

As a non-profit in Grants Pass, we are sensitive to the fact that many in our community are low-income families unable to experience training in the arts. With the extensive background of our team, our plan is to provide the best dance performing arts training in the area.

We feel passionately that our organization has a far-reaching effect on the young people in our community. Similar to sports, dance and theatre can offer college scholarship opportunities. In addition, the impact of the recent pandemic on our youth cannot be underestimated. Our academy understands that kids working in dance and theater experience many benefits. It is not only an incredible physical discipline, but also requires them to learn and remember choreography and staging as well as listening and social skills that allow them to understand and experience the value of working as a team. Our students get to experience the rewards of being able to feel the accomplishment of acquiring new skills, putting them to the test, all the while being in a positive, creative environment.

As a non-profit in Grants Pass, we understand that our community is made up of low-income families with many unable to experience training in the arts (90% qualify for the school lunch program). We intend to offer affordable rates for a wide population of families. We are pursuing grant opportunities for scholarship funds and other expenses.

October 2022 – Podcast

Thank you to Brian J Pombo at Grants Pass VIP for the interview!